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Scrapbooking – without supplies!

Of course, having scrapbooked for years I have mountains of paper, brads, ribbon, eyelets, stickers, stamps, sparkly bits, buttons and studs.

But I decided to set myself a challenge – could I scrapbook without using loads of stuff?

I took one 30cm square of card, some tape and some sticky pads. Then I added three photographs and a load of leaflets and tickets from a recent trip to Dublin.

Dublin 2015

Okay, I sneaked a few eyelets in there, but nothing else… The backing paper is cut from the tourist map.


I made the backing paper into a pocket to store some more leaflets and memorabilia. And that’s it. You don’t need lots of expensive scrapbooking supplies to scrapbook successfully.

…But I think I’ll keep hold of all my stash anyway!

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Crochet cardigan pattern

cardiganSo, I designed a crochet cardigan!

Or, to be more specific, I made it up as I went along!

I used an aran yarn (it was a 400g ball, and I have some left) and a 6.5mm hook. I apologise for the lack of proper pattern wordage, but I don’t really follow patterns, let alone write them! I’m a size 8-10, but you could easily adjust this basic template to make the cardi bigger or longer.

There are three pieces – the collar, the bottom part, and the back, which folds over to become the two sides of the front.

I started with the collar piece.

Chain 103 stitches, turn and crochet 1 treble into the 3rd chain from hook. Make one treble crochet into each stitch of your chain.

At the end  chain 2, turn and go back the other way, making a treble into each stitch.

Continue until you have 10 rows of treble crochet. Cut yarn and tie off.

 Next I made the bottom piece.

Chain 83 stitches, turn and crochet 1 treble into the 3rd chain from the hook. Make one treble crochet into each stitch of your chain. At the end  chain 2, turn and go back the other way, making a treble into each stitch.

Continue until you have enough rows to go around under your bust. Mine was 54 rows of treble crochet.

Take the collar and attach it with a slip stitch to the ends of the bottom piece.  Mark the middle 26 stitches of the collar – this is where you will join the back piece.

(here’s a little drawing)


The collar just folds over when it is being worn.

Now you need to make 52 treble crochet along the middle of the bottom piece – this will be the back of your cardigan. I used some stitch markers to help me measure the middle section.

Carry on with rows of trebles until you have 18rows.


Chain 2, turn and make 14 trebles in the next row. this is the point where your collar joins. (At this point I slip stitched my collar in place, using the markers I’d made earlier. )

Now you are on the front and need to make a triangular piece until it is long enough to join to the bottom.

Turn and crochet 14 trebles.

Turn, crochet 13 trebles, turn, 13 trebles.

(Each time I got to the collar edge I made a slip stitch to hold the crochet in place.)

Make one less treble in each block of two rows until you have 7 treble crochet in your row.

Join to the bottom piece with slip stitch.

So, hopefully it looks like this…


Now, you need to do the same for the other front side; rejoin yarn and make 2 rows of 14 trebles, 2 rows of 13 trebles, etc. Join at the bottom.

Next I joined the edges properly with slip stitch – along the diagonal was a bit holey!

Then I edged around the bottom and around the armholes in slip stitch.

Finally I sewed on a button and made a button loop with a crochet chain.

DSCF1706Well, that was probably as clear as mud, but hey-ho! I really should have written it down as I did it.

My favourite thing about crochet is the way you can make it up as you go along, so, go on, have a try!!




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30 days of creativity – day 12 – teacher’s survival kit

(I know, I know, it’s far too soon to be thinking about the end of the school year but my brain runs off without me and I just have to make these things!)

teacher survival items

Take a bunch of seemingly arbitrary items – a glass jar, a little chocolate, cotton wool balls, a birthday candle, elastic band, marbles and a safety pin…

teacher survival tag

Add a handmade gift tag to explain the seemingly arbitrary items…

teacher survival kit jar

Put items in glass jar – and hey presto! A cute gift for your teacher at the end of term!

(Must remember about these in July!)

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30 days of creativity – day 9 – zombie bag

(Yes, another zombie thing – I like zombies, ok?)


I bought the fabric on ebay before Christmas because I thought it was marvellous.

As usual I didn’t have a pattern or a plan. I just made it up as I went along. Usually that turns out ok.

Although I must admit lack of planning has resulted in a bag full of “handmade charm.” Or wonky bits. I prefer handmade charm.



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30 days of creativity – day 7 – willy warmer

Yes, I crocheted a willy warmer.
The cutest willy warmer ever.

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30 days of creativity – day 6 – charcoal pencils

DSCF0844My husband bought me these pencils ages ago, so last night while doodling on the sofa I drew his portrait.

Ok, it’s not brilliant, but he is a bald man in glasses so it’s not terrible!

(30 days of creativity is spending 30 minutes doing something creative for 30 days, the days do not have to be consecutive. Why not join me? There is a facebook group here if you’d like to join.)

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30 days of creativity – day 4 – Christmas cards

Today I took some time to colour up a new image which I want to use for some Christmas card designs. It’s a very cute digi which I bought from . I only just found this site and I love it already!

I decided this image would be great for grandparents. I made three cards altogether, one coloured as two girls, one with two boys and finally a card with a boy and a girl making the snowman.
I embellished it with a circular sentiment (also from jellypark), some ribbon and some little snowflakes. It also got a sprinkle of glitter because a Christmas card needs glitter!

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