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Everyone loves Owls


Not my favourite motif, but I found some owl paper in my stash and thought I’d take the opportunity to make some cards for teachers. All six cards sold within 24 hours!

Really wish I had some more owl paper!!


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My husband and I have been pondering the question, “How many items of mis-matched furniture do you need before your style is eclectic?”

This follows a few happy shopping expeditions in a couple of local charity shops.

First, a bookshelf for the boy’s room, dark wood, not all fashionable. Standing next to their pine bunkbeds.

And some 70’s salt and pepper pots, just because we liked them.

And then some Nathan furniture – a dresser and a telephone seat – an outdated, defunct piece of furniture in the age of the cordless phone!

So, are we eclectic? Probably not yet. I think it’s more than having a bunch of things which don’t match. I think it’s about having a bunch of things which you love and you have chosen. And you don’t care that they don’t match.

It’s about having a home with personality, one where you love to live. We have antlers in our hallway…

(I don’t like those, but my husband does. I suppose an eclectic house can’t just be influenced by one personality!)

And there is also character and personality in the special handmade things.

This is my new mirror made by a friend. (You should really check out his website ) And there are also things I’ve made myself.

Like my patchwork quilt, and my canvasses.

And so, we have decided to be eclectic, to make a conscious effort to fill our home with things we love, regardless of whether they match. To look for interesting thing, old things, new things, handmade things and homemade things. Selecting what we think is the best. To stop wasting money on flat pack rubbish and things that are bland.

We want to have what we love, and love what we have.

(This still means I can shop at Ikea, right?)


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Jubilee Scrapbooking

Street party images

I somehow managed to sneak into a scrapbooking shop (woo hoo!!) and bought this ace sheet of paper, just right to record the street party we had last weekend. Unfortunately I hadn’t been organised (sober) enough to think about taking a group family shot, so I had to use several images to get a picture of everyone.

We had a fab day, meeting neighbours, sharing food and wine. It wasn’t the greatest June weather but the rain held off for the day.

A patriotic lot!

I kept the embellishments simple, just some cricut lettering, punched heart shapes and a little printed tag.

God Save the Queen!!

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A religious message…


Only my favourite old friends get a card like this!

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Pretty Poppy / Pirate Poppy

Pretty Poppy

Isn’t she lovely?

It is my daughter’s birthday next week, so I printed out one of her more adorable photographs and made this card.


The trouble is she is not really a girly sort of girl. She runs a mile if you mention princesses, or wave a dress at her, or tell her she is pretty.

Yesterday she spent the day as a pirate. (This is a regular occurrence.) I took the opportunity to take a photo to make another card.


Shiver me timbers!

I think she will like this one much better.

Down with princesses!!

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Home sweet home


To start this post we need to see a picture of my house…


Here it is, a 1935 house with a bay window and a drainpipe in desperate need of re-painting.

Last night I had a mad creative moment and decided I wanted to make a picture of our house. I grabbed a box of scrap paper – I keep all the offcuts from my card making – and started to cut bits out.

And this is what I made.

Our house

It’s all a bit wobbly, and our house isn’t actually floral or spotty (which is rather a shame!) I outlined the shapes with a fineline marker pen, and added a kiddy style sunshine. I love it!


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Ahoy me hearties!


I made about forty name canvasses in the run up to Christmas last year – they started the whole Shazronnie Makes Stuff shebang, which is going from strength to strength.

I made this one for my best friend’s little boy, I love it but I had to give it away on account of having no Matthew child of my own!


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