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A royal fanjo card

royal fanjo
Yesterday, in the midst of Royal baby fever I posted this to the Duchess of Cambridge.

I hope she likes it.

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Win a bundle of fabulous shazronnie stuff!!


I finally got to 500 likes on my facebook page so here is the giveaway I promised!

The prize consists of a 15cm bespoke card,

a hand decorated notepad,

a pocket board – you hang it on the wall over your desk and keep your pens in it,

a kid’s cardmaking kit,

and a fabric keyring!!

I will also pay for UK postage – feel free to enter if you live elsewhere, but you will need to pay the postal charges.

So, how do you win??

1. Leave a comment on this blog post


2. Leave a comment on my facebook page under the giveaway picture

That’s it – you’ve got until 31st July 2013. I will randomly choose a winner on 1st August 2013.


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Raspberry Custard Cake (best cake ever)

This is delicious.
You have to make it.

250g butter
200g caster sugar
250g self raising flour
150g tinned custard
4 eggs
1 tin raspberries (drained – save the juice for something else) (or you could use fresh or frozen)
half tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla essence

Heat your oven to 180 deg C and grease and line a deep 8 inch cake tin.

Cream the butter and sugar together, then mix in the flour, baking powder, eggs, vanilla and about a third of the custard until you have lovely smooth batter.

Blob about one third of the batter into the cake tin to roughly cover the bottom.
Blob half the raspberries on top.
Cover with the rest of the batter.
Blob the rest of the raspberries and the remaining custard on top.

You now have some yummy looking gloop in your cake tin.DSCF0341
Bake in the centre of the oven for 40 minutes, then cover with foil and bake for 30 – 40 more minutes. Do the skewer test to check it is cooked through.

raspberry custard cakeRemove from the tine and admire the yumminess.

This cake is delicious both hot and cold.

raspberry custard cake sliceI served mine with some raspberry custard cream – just some double cream, some of the juice from the tin and a blob of cold custard (I had half a tin left) all whisked up.

Go on, make it.

It really is delicious.

You know you want some.

And share it with your friends and family, because everyone deserves raspberry custard cake.

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