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Fastest jumper ever!

You won’t see much knitting on this blog, because most of my knitting projects lie unfinished in a variety of handmade bags.

But I actually knitted this so fast I didn’t have time to get bored!!

I also did not have a pattern so I am lucky that it actually fits.

I used 3 strands of yarn – the red and grey were double knitting and the purple is chunky – on 15mm needles.
(Maybe I will write the pattern up on my next post; it’s very simple – just garter stitch and ladder stitch with no shaping. Anyone who could knit could probably work it out for themselves!)



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Christmas is coming!

Listed my first Christmassy offering in my Folksy shop today.

Little drawstring bags (oh, how I love a drawstring bag!!) to hang on your tree with little surprises inside.

You can buy them here in a handy pack of 6.

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A tatty lampshade transformed!

I bought 2 slightly bashed up lamps second hand. They cost me £3 for the pair.

I quite liked the bases so my plan was to just buy some new shades.

Then my crafty side woke up, and whispered “pva” in my ear.

There was a Spongebob magazine discarded on the side…

And hey presto!

One decoupaged Spongebob lampshade – still a bit damp in the picture to be honest. I’m hoping it will dewrinkle a bit when it’s dry.

Here it is, sitting on the bureau next to my Mauritian dodos and a piccy of the kids.

Now, what to stick on the other one…


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