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Purple, purple, purple

DSCF0256I’ve just painted my daughter’s room purple.

Very purple.

It’s like being hugged by a blackcurrant.

Anyway, this post is a little tour of Poppy’s new bedroom. And also a pictorial reminder of how tidy it is.

Look there is carpet!

DSCF0265It will probably never be this tidy again. The twenty zillion soft toys like to scatter themselves everywhere.

DSCF0267I love this bookshelf; I think it reminds me of those halcyon days as a school librarian. (Oh, yes, I was that cool.)

DSCF0262I made the curtains; curtains are my nemesis. Why is making two rectangles so hard? These ones are quite straight and everything. I only swore when I pulled the strings too far and had to re-thread them through the header tape. I bought the fabric for £1 a metre, so these curtains only cost £3 as I had some leftover header tape.

DSCF0266I made this too, ages ago when I first started making stuff to sell.

DSCF0264And I made a Batman cushion because my daughter is a princess hating, trouser wearing, superhero fan.

DSCF0257And I made this too; it’s actually her birthday card but I popped it in a frame so I can admire it forever!

1040407_10152016104943957_1039938049_oAnd here are the Sylvanians living on the spray painted table from my last post. I’ve dressed them for this picture as Poppy prefers them naked. Somehow in her 5 year old brain it is ridiculous for a bear to wear a dress, but perfectly fine to live in a cabin with a flowery sofa.

So, that’s it. I’m off to listen to some Prince songs and drink some Ribena.

And to hope Poppy doesn’t announce next week that purple is not her favourite colour anymore, and can she have a pink room please?






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Scrapbooky Frames… a new venture

scrapbookpoppyhatI’m sure I’ve already mentioned that I love to scrapbook, and over the past year I’ve been doing a fair few scrapbook style cards using customer’s photographs. But now I am trying to move into selling framed pieces of scrapbookiness.

This is a little picture I made of my daughter Poppy, unframed on the left and in a red box frame on the right. I think they are so much lovelier than a plain framed photograph.

In a bid to show off some examples I’ve photographed some of the pages I’ve made for myself.


Honeymoon in Mauritius


Paddling in Tenby

Football days

Football days

I especially love how vintage photographs look in these frames, so I made this one for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day; it is her own mum in a beautiful vintage photo which I have adorned with vintage buttons and lace.


Perfectly personal and unique; what do you think?




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Soppy sentimental stuff

I’m not renowned for my soft, sentimental side.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a nice person but I don’t do the soppy, gushing, happy happy memory stuff very often.

I have three children, but I haven’t got a memory box for them. I’ve got a few odd things, their first shoes and those little plastic bracelets from the hospital.

But I haven’t kept the pregnancy stick with the blue line, or every single birthday card they ever received. I throw away tickets and drawings, and certificates for “being super in maths today.”

Well recently I found an old dress of Poppy’s, a little jersey “songbird” dress from Frugi, well worn and well loved with a few stained patches to prove it. One of my favourite dresses.

I almost threw it back in the cupboard, to gather a bit more dust and be forgotten again.

But instead I made myself a bag tag.

It’s just a heart shape, a little bit of padding and backed with pink corduroy and embellished with the buttons from the same dress. It makes me smile because it reminds me of little baby Poppy and all the times she wore it. Now she is a big girl, just started school, and she won’t go near a dress.

But she’s still my little baby and I’m secretly a great big softie.



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Pretty Poppy / Pirate Poppy

Pretty Poppy

Isn’t she lovely?

It is my daughter’s birthday next week, so I printed out one of her more adorable photographs and made this card.


The trouble is she is not really a girly sort of girl. She runs a mile if you mention princesses, or wave a dress at her, or tell her she is pretty.

Yesterday she spent the day as a pirate. (This is a regular occurrence.) I took the opportunity to take a photo to make another card.


Shiver me timbers!

I think she will like this one much better.

Down with princesses!!

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