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A league of Father’s day cards!

Today has been all about football.
I hate football. It takes too long and there are too many rules.
But it’s nearly father’s day and men like football. Or at least they like an excuse to swear at the telly.

I got this digi image from and it has been very popular!
football collage
Can you guess which teams they represent?


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Pocket board – another upcycling project

Gotta pick a pocket or two!

Gotta pick a pocket or two!

(Firstly I can’t claim this was all my idea – I saw something similar floating around on facebook which was made as a fabric wall hanging.)

My pocket board is mounted on an artist’s canvas – 4 pockets cut from old clothes, machine stitched onto a fabric panel, embellished with a bit of embroidery chopped off a blouse and some buttons I had lying around.

I love it, it makes a perfect place to keep my favourite pens and scissors!


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