A tatty lampshade transformed!

I bought 2 slightly bashed up lamps second hand. They cost me £3 for the pair.

I quite liked the bases so my plan was to just buy some new shades.

Then my crafty side woke up, and whispered “pva” in my ear.

There was a Spongebob magazine discarded on the side…

And hey presto!

One decoupaged Spongebob lampshade – still a bit damp in the picture to be honest. I’m hoping it will dewrinkle a bit when it’s dry.

Here it is, sitting on the bureau next to my Mauritian dodos and a piccy of the kids.

Now, what to stick on the other one…


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3 responses to “A tatty lampshade transformed!

  1. Awesome idea, it looks great. My two would love that, although I have to admit it looks pretty good in a grown up setting too! You should link it with my Ta-dah! Tuesday party.

  2. Great thinking, Sharon! Love this idea ( love Spongebob too!)

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