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30 days of creativity – day 3 – menu planner

menu plannerIt’s September, when I always vow to be more organised over the course of the coming school year, so today I modified a cork pin board into a menu planning board.

DSCF0705This was really simple – I cut 7 rectangles of coloured paper (14cm x 6cm) and glued them onto the board. Then I stamped the days of the week onto wooden pegs and I glued those on top of the rectangles.

DSCF0704Then I made a couple of little envelopes to hold a stack of little cards. I stamped our favourite meals onto these, so that each week I can just change the meals on the pegs, and hey presto, everyone knows what’s for dinner. I also left some blank for those meals I haven’t thought of yet.

(No, there’s not a card which reads “Get your own bl**dy dinner.” Not yet.)


(30 days of creativity simply means spending 30 minutes doing something creative for thirty days. They don’t have to be consecutive days. Why don’t you join in?)



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Purple, purple, purple

DSCF0256I’ve just painted my daughter’s room purple.

Very purple.

It’s like being hugged by a blackcurrant.

Anyway, this post is a little tour of Poppy’s new bedroom. And also a pictorial reminder of how tidy it is.

Look there is carpet!

DSCF0265It will probably never be this tidy again. The twenty zillion soft toys like to scatter themselves everywhere.

DSCF0267I love this bookshelf; I think it reminds me of those halcyon days as a school librarian. (Oh, yes, I was that cool.)

DSCF0262I made the curtains; curtains are my nemesis. Why is making two rectangles so hard? These ones are quite straight and everything. I only swore when I pulled the strings too far and had to re-thread them through the header tape. I bought the fabric for £1 a metre, so these curtains only cost £3 as I had some leftover header tape.

DSCF0266I made this too, ages ago when I first started making stuff to sell.

DSCF0264And I made a Batman cushion because my daughter is a princess hating, trouser wearing, superhero fan.

DSCF0257And I made this too; it’s actually her birthday card but I popped it in a frame so I can admire it forever!

1040407_10152016104943957_1039938049_oAnd here are the Sylvanians living on the spray painted table from my last post. I’ve dressed them for this picture as Poppy prefers them naked. Somehow in her 5 year old brain it is ridiculous for a bear to wear a dress, but perfectly fine to live in a cabin with a flowery sofa.

So, that’s it. I’m off to listen to some Prince songs and drink some Ribena.

And to hope Poppy doesn’t announce next week that purple is not her favourite colour anymore, and can she have a pink room please?





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A tatty lampshade transformed!

I bought 2 slightly bashed up lamps second hand. They cost me £3 for the pair.

I quite liked the bases so my plan was to just buy some new shades.

Then my crafty side woke up, and whispered “pva” in my ear.

There was a Spongebob magazine discarded on the side…

And hey presto!

One decoupaged Spongebob lampshade – still a bit damp in the picture to be honest. I’m hoping it will dewrinkle a bit when it’s dry.

Here it is, sitting on the bureau next to my Mauritian dodos and a piccy of the kids.

Now, what to stick on the other one…


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My husband and I have been pondering the question, “How many items of mis-matched furniture do you need before your style is eclectic?”

This follows a few happy shopping expeditions in a couple of local charity shops.

First, a bookshelf for the boy’s room, dark wood, not all fashionable. Standing next to their pine bunkbeds.

And some 70’s salt and pepper pots, just because we liked them.

And then some Nathan furniture – a dresser and a telephone seat – an outdated, defunct piece of furniture in the age of the cordless phone!

So, are we eclectic? Probably not yet. I think it’s more than having a bunch of things which don’t match. I think it’s about having a bunch of things which you love and you have chosen. And you don’t care that they don’t match.

It’s about having a home with personality, one where you love to live. We have antlers in our hallway…

(I don’t like those, but my husband does. I suppose an eclectic house can’t just be influenced by one personality!)

And there is also character and personality in the special handmade things.

This is my new mirror made by a friend. (You should really check out his website ) And there are also things I’ve made myself.

Like my patchwork quilt, and my canvasses.

And so, we have decided to be eclectic, to make a conscious effort to fill our home with things we love, regardless of whether they match. To look for interesting thing, old things, new things, handmade things and homemade things. Selecting what we think is the best. To stop wasting money on flat pack rubbish and things that are bland.

We want to have what we love, and love what we have.

(This still means I can shop at Ikea, right?)


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