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Whoever knew an old keyboard would be so inspiring?

keyboard signMy 8 year old son Anthony wanted to make something out of the circuit board of the old keyboard. He thought it would look cool hanging on the wall like a picture.

We decided to print out and glue on some words to make a door sign.

The circuit board already had handy holes so we chopped some of the curly flex off and threaded it through for a hanging thread.


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Upcycling for computer geeks

keyboard upcyclingThis is what you get when you find a dirty old keyboard in the attic, and you think it would be perfect for making a birthday card for your computer obsessed soon to be 10 year old.

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One smart cookie

cookie gift tag

It’s nearly the end of another school year and a friend asked me to make some gift tags which she is going to put on some jars of cookie mix. (There are lots of recipes on the web – like this one for example.)

I drew the cookie to make my own digi stamp – not the most difficult thing to draw but here is my image if you’d like to use it!! (Just right click on the image and save.)

cookie didg stampI printed mine onto a light brown card, then coloured over with promarkers. I cut it out, then I cut a tag with my cricut machine – you could cut a simpler tag if you don’t have a fancy pants machine, or use a luggage label type tag.

onesmartcookieHere’s a jpeg of my greeting too.

DSCF0272I printed a sheet of greetings, then it was simply a case of gluing all the bits onto the tag and adding some cute ribbon. I drew dots around the edge of my greeting with a black fineliner.

I quite like the cookie theme for a teacher’s leaving gift – watch this space; I might make a card next!


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Purple, purple, purple

DSCF0256I’ve just painted my daughter’s room purple.

Very purple.

It’s like being hugged by a blackcurrant.

Anyway, this post is a little tour of Poppy’s new bedroom. And also a pictorial reminder of how tidy it is.

Look there is carpet!

DSCF0265It will probably never be this tidy again. The twenty zillion soft toys like to scatter themselves everywhere.

DSCF0267I love this bookshelf; I think it reminds me of those halcyon days as a school librarian. (Oh, yes, I was that cool.)

DSCF0262I made the curtains; curtains are my nemesis. Why is making two rectangles so hard? These ones are quite straight and everything. I only swore when I pulled the strings too far and had to re-thread them through the header tape. I bought the fabric for £1 a metre, so these curtains only cost £3 as I had some leftover header tape.

DSCF0266I made this too, ages ago when I first started making stuff to sell.

DSCF0264And I made a Batman cushion because my daughter is a princess hating, trouser wearing, superhero fan.

DSCF0257And I made this too; it’s actually her birthday card but I popped it in a frame so I can admire it forever!

1040407_10152016104943957_1039938049_oAnd here are the Sylvanians living on the spray painted table from my last post. I’ve dressed them for this picture as Poppy prefers them naked. Somehow in her 5 year old brain it is ridiculous for a bear to wear a dress, but perfectly fine to live in a cabin with a flowery sofa.

So, that’s it. I’m off to listen to some Prince songs and drink some Ribena.

And to hope Poppy doesn’t announce next week that purple is not her favourite colour anymore, and can she have a pink room please?





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Spray painted table!

Just a quick post to share my upcycled junk shop table; simply rubbed down with a bit of sandpaper then given a couple of coats of purple spray paint. I was going to tart it up a bit more but I love it as it is!


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