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30 days of creativity – day one – minecraft duvet cover

Armed with a plain green duvet cover (a £2 bargain in Wilkinsons), a pot of black fabric paint I can’t even remember buying and a paintbrush I decided to make my ten year old son a Minecraft duvet cover.
I drew a creeper template, which I placed under the fabric and traced with my prym marker (a quilter’s pen which fades away slowly) then just painted very carefully. I randomly spaced my creepers, rather than measuring their exact location. (A hoard of creepers is the correct collective noun according to my son.)

It’s very hard to take a photo of the finished item without falling off the top bunk or banging your head on the ceiling – so you will have to be satisfied with a rubbish photo!!

(30 days of creativity simply means spending 30 minutes doing something creative for thirty days. They don’t have to be consecutive days. Why don’t you join in?)

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Minecraft mad

My sons are obsessed. They think of nothing else except Minecraft.

I’d tell you what was so great about it, but I am 39 years old. I don’t really understand. It’s not really anything like the Manic Miner of my youth.

But I like the creeper image – it’s very simple to reproduce!


I have painted this for their Christmas present.

A large canvas, divided into squares; I painted the green ones first using 2 shades of green acrylic, gradually adding white to get lighter shades. I painted them randomly rather than to a plan, then painted the face in black acrylic last.

It’s not fine art, but it was fun, and my boys are going to love it!

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