30 days of creativity – day 3 – menu planner

menu plannerIt’s September, when I always vow to be more organised over the course of the coming school year, so today I modified a cork pin board into a menu planning board.

DSCF0705This was really simple – I cut 7 rectangles of coloured paper (14cm x 6cm) and glued them onto the board. Then I stamped the days of the week onto wooden pegs and I glued those on top of the rectangles.

DSCF0704Then I made a couple of little envelopes to hold a stack of little cards. I stamped our favourite meals onto these, so that each week I can just change the meals on the pegs, and hey presto, everyone knows what’s for dinner. I also left some blank for those meals I haven’t thought of yet.

(No, there’s not a card which reads “Get your own bl**dy dinner.” Not yet.)


(30 days of creativity simply means spending 30 minutes doing something creative for thirty days. They don’t have to be consecutive days. Why don’t you join in?)


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2 responses to “30 days of creativity – day 3 – menu planner

  1. tuts01

    What a great idea!! looks fab too!

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