Soppy sentimental stuff

I’m not renowned for my soft, sentimental side.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a nice person but I don’t do the soppy, gushing, happy happy memory stuff very often.

I have three children, but I haven’t got a memory box for them. I’ve got a few odd things, their first shoes and those little plastic bracelets from the hospital.

But I haven’t kept the pregnancy stick with the blue line, or every single birthday card they ever received. I throw away tickets and drawings, and certificates for “being super in maths today.”

Well recently I found an old dress of Poppy’s, a little jersey “songbird” dress from Frugi, well worn and well loved with a few stained patches to prove it. One of my favourite dresses.

I almost threw it back in the cupboard, to gather a bit more dust and be forgotten again.

But instead I made myself a bag tag.

It’s just a heart shape, a little bit of padding and backed with pink corduroy and embellished with the buttons from the same dress. It makes me smile because it reminds me of little baby Poppy and all the times she wore it. Now she is a big girl, just started school, and she won’t go near a dress.

But she’s still my little baby and I’m secretly a great big softie.



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3 responses to “Soppy sentimental stuff

  1. Sweet! As you know I love hearts, and this has such lovely connections with little Poppy!

  2. Ahhhh!! Was going to say I can’t imagine her wearing it now!!

  3. Claire

    Aww! You big soppy thing!! It’s lovely, and a great keepasake.

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