old vs new

This week I made some laundry bags from a duvet cover which my friend had given me. It had had an unfortunate meeting with some airfix paint and was deemed no longer fit for purpose. I love a bit of recycling and often make things out of pre-loved fabric. Eighty percent of the material of this duvet cover was perfectly fine, but I know many people would have sent it straight to the wheelie bin.

 I listed this bag on Folksy but it made me wonder  – would there be potential customers out there who would be put off by something made out of previously used fabric? Would they prefer the crisp feel of brand new cotton? Would they accept that I would have to charge twice the price for new material? By purchasing upcycled they are saving money as well as the Earth’s resources.

What do you think? Is second hand fabric okay with you?


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2 responses to “old vs new

  1. skytimes

    I’m totally Ok with recycled fabrics… just because it’s stained doesn’t mean it’s dirty. I have made a baby-quilt out of recycled shirt, skirts and whatnot-leftovers. Kid is still alive.

    Love your bag.

  2. Recycled is the way to go!

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