I decided to take part in a Jubilee themed swap organised by Lakota at www.faithhopeandcharityshopping.blogspot.co.uk.

The rules were pretty simple; you must send your partner between three and five items. At least one must be handmade, at least one thrifted or second hand, and at least one must fit in with a Jubilee theme.

So my partner was Geraldine at sky-blu-pink.blogspot.co.uk, so I had a little look at her blog, and decided to send her these things…

A cup, saucer, milk jug and sugar bowl – because I spotted a few vintage china items in her blog post. I spotted these in a charity shop and decided they would fit the jubilee aspect of this swap as they were made by … … Royal Windsor!!

Then, keeping within a vague red white and blue colour palette I made this brooch.


It is three yoyos stitched together with a button on top. I made myself a similar one a while back and really like it. I hope Geraldine likes this one.

And finally, using a stripey pillowcase rescued from charity shop oblivion, I also made a shopping bag.

Again, loosely red, white and blue, it rolls up and secures with a button and loop. Pretty and practical – just like me!!

I got a lovely parcel of goodies in return…

…including a knitting magazine (red handles!), heart ice cube tray (I love hearts!!), Union jack bag and passport cover, special stickers to put on my next lot of jam and some lovely handmade brooches.

And the final thing, a thrifted scarf in beautiful colours of sky blue and pink so I can always remember who sent it to me!


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2 responses to “Swapsies!

  1. Great parcels all round. The pillow case fold up shopping bag is such a great idea, and I like your thinking with the Royal Windsor! Thanks for taking part and linking up x

  2. So glad you liked the package! It was a pleasure choosing things for you as we have lots in common; hearts, pink, being busy in the kitchen, drinking tea, charity shops…….

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